I Lost the Lust

If any of you are still around, you’re probably shocked to see me show up in your news feed. Heck, you probably forget about Pardon My Dust….I kind of did too. In all honesty though, I lost the lust and love for blogging that I once had. It happened around the time I decided to step away from the Internet and spend more time being in the zone. The creative juices stopped flowing, I got sick taking pictures everyday for the second straight year, I felt there wasn’t much to say. It seemed mostly self centered of me to keep writing “my kid is so great, my kid is awesome, he’s your typical toddler, blah blah blah.” With that, I stepped away and in the process learned that I kind of missed documenting this little space of life. Whatever it may be. Also, I don’t really watch TV that much anymore (SHOCKING) so I’m kind of bored during nap time. Then I started coming up with new things to write about. I’m still very  much spending far less time on the Internet (I suggest everyone do this), but I do have some fun things that have been happening in life. I’m practically 28 now, which in essence makes me an adult (or does it).

Even though I stopped taking daily pictures, I have a new plan on how to keep you updated with the day in the life. We also recently moved and are going to build our house. That will be fun to document. I became a runner and ran my first ever 5k, now I’m addicted….

So yea, enough babbling. Better go make dinner. Until next time…here is a super cute picture of the not so little guy.





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