Summer Recap: Part 1

Well, summer is officially over so I finally have the desire to sit down and stare at my computer screen. If there was any way to sum up our summer, I would definitely say it was the BEST SUMMER EVER. Sure I probably had summers as a child that I thought were the greatest, but for the first time in many summers, I can say this summer was the icing on the cake of awesome. With that I bring you Summer Recap: Part 1. Don’t worry, parts 2-99 will follow. Forewarning. They are all photo filled.

To start off summer, my parents rented a house in the sweet little town of St. Germain, Wisconsin. We arrived on a Sunday and left on the next Saturday. We did nothing, but relax! And by relax I mean keeping a two year old from falling in the water. It was perfect. Only a little rain to sideline our outdoor fun, but that was easily replaced with lots of eating! Nothing says vacation like ice cream multiple times in one week. If you’re ever in Wisconsin and get the chance to visit St. Germain, I highly recommend it. Especially if you love the quiet outdoors.




Taking a walk with Grammy


Scoping out the beach


This kid was born to be in the water. Side note: if your child does not have a Puddle Jumper, get them one. Someone is making tons of money off this awesome invention. Parents around the world, rejoice.


Still napping great since day one


Fishing with Papa


Lightening McQueen doesn’t just win races, he catches fish too


Henry had a really hard time keeping his balance with his life vest on. It was throughly entertaining


Top heavy got him yet again


I saw a snake in the water and refused to go in. Thank goodness snakes don’t scare Papas


I carried a dead weight, sleeping toddler up this 53 stair climb. I wanted to die after


We visited the Wildwood Wildlife Park one day. My parents took us when we were kids and I can tell you this place is AMAZING. My animal loving boy was in HEAVEN.


The fact that you’re up close and personal with 90% of their animals, made it well worth the visit


The whole idea of this vacation got started because Henry loves birds and Rio. I mentioned that this zoo had one and the rest is history. We drove 4 hours to visit Rio.


He really like the goats


Shortly before this deer decided to sneak up on Henry and smother him with kisses. It was definitely Funniest Home Video worthy


Henry LOVED feeding the animals


All the animals were very well mannered


Henry fed the giraffes twice. Once with Papa


He also got to feed a bear!


Feeding giraffes again with Dad


This pretty much sums up how Henry feels about selfies with me


It was particularly rainy one day, so we headed to the Children’s museum.


I secretly LOVE fishing. I find it completely relaxing and could do it for hours.


Roasting marshmallows


Grammy caught us taking selfies


Wasn’t the biggest or cleanest beach, but it worked for us


I think Grammy may have actually been sleeping


Henry became a sleep anywhere kid


Lumberjack show on our last night



As you can see, we had an amazing time while we were gone. This wasn’t even everything we did. We were lucky enough to spend a day visiting with Ben’s grandparents as well. There is something about the air in the north woods that really  makes a person happy.


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