Summer Magic

I’m a teacher. I picked this career in hopes some day making a change in the lives of our future. Really though, I picked this career for three other reasons…Spring Break, Summer Break, Winter Break. The glorious built in vacations that allow me to sit around without being at the mercy of an alarm clock, making sure my kids are raring and ready to go before 6am and staying up late catching up on all the TV I managed to missed for nine entire months while I was going to be early because my internal alarm of 4:30am kicked my butt on a regular basis.

My life is busy. I’ve recently learned that I run on fumes. Two kids is kicking my butt. Not for the reasons of me being in their presence all the time and them driving me crazy, but for the reasons of we get four people out of the house every single morning, are gone for well over 10 hours a day, we are a house of two working parents who give their all to other people all day long and then come home to give our all to our two kids and maybe, just maybe, we’ll sit down with one another and have a simple “how was your day” conversation before quickly fading into oblivion, waking up and doing it all over again the next day.

There are few living in the moment type events Monday thru Friday in our house. There are few moments of getting excited over the little things. There are few times when I can throw in the towel and not cook what I had meal planned two weeks in advance. We live a life so at the mercy of a well oiled machine. One that is easily exhausted come May. One with two small children who get up earlier, not by choice, than some working adults. Our life is busy.

However, there’s this great time of year when that machine goes out the window and we breathe a little bit easier. The kids and husband sleep in (I apparently have stopped learning to sleep in the closer to 30 I get). We don’t set out our clothes the night before, we might not meal plan for a week and we might skip showering for a day or two.

Summer is magical. Summer has always been magical. If you think back to the days when you were a kid, summer is probably the time that sticks out for you the most. For me, summer was staying up late,  catching fire flies, riding my bike up and down the road until you couldn’t see anymore, sneaking snacks into my bedroom after my parents were asleep, swimming at grandmas, watching Days of Our Lives while drinking grape soda. Ahhh the good ole days of summer!

As a working mom and someone who is lucky enough to get to spend summers with her kids, I look forward to summer so much. Not only do I get to spend every waking second with my kids, but I’m not at the mercy of a schedule and making other people happy for 8 hours a day, running home and making three more people happy for the duration of my waking hours. I get to feel normal during the summer. I get to feel like life is one bundle of excitement and I have time to be really happy.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Allie if you aren’t really happy why don’t you just quit your job?” The thing is I am happy. I’m happy with my busy life that helps calms my anxiety, I’m happy with my job, I’m happy with my kids. I have balance (most days). Sometimes though, it all gets to be so much and you just want to throw in the towel. For me, summer is throwing in the towel.

We have big plans for summer. Pee wee sports, gymnastics, swim lessons, days at the beach, Star Wars camp, playing with our friends whom we neglect for 9 months out of the year, hiking, napping, eating popsicles for breakfast, going camping, I could keep going. I haven’t been this excited for summer in a few years. I ended up pregnant at the end of that summer, so you can see what I mean by summer excitement. (FYI I will not end up pregnant at the end of this summer!)

I don’t look at summer as a time when I need to put my kids in 900 things because they’re going to drain every last ounce of air out of me and I can’t deal. Actually it makes me really sad when I see a slew of mothers say that. Summer isn’t supposed to be drowning. Summer is supposed to be downright fun. This is a break for kids. As someone who spent 12 weeks administering standardized tests to students in the second semester alone, I can tell you that kids look forward to this break.

Yes, they are used to being entertained all day long at school so they have no idea what it means when you say “hold on I have to pee” because their teacher clearly never goes to the bathroom. And I know there are SAHMs reading this right now thinking “she has no idea what she’s talking about. She gets a break from her kids every day. There’s no way she ever gets sick of her kids. I’m with my kids all day. Summer is even worse. School is a break for me.” I get it. I really do. I may not spend my days with my kids, put my heart and soul into other peoples kids (both young and old) all day long. It’s equally as exhausting, especially because I have to go home and be nice to the people I work with on the extra hard days.

For us, summer has been going for 8 days. For some kids, they’ve been into summer for a few weeks and their moms are pulling their hair out trying to decide what the hell they are to do with their kids until August. I know that come August, I’ll be that mom and I’ll call Katie and say “is it time to go to school yet. I need routine in my life. My kids need their daycare friends. I’m so sick of them.” For now though. I am so damn excited for summer vacation. I’m excited to hang out with my kids. To have a babysitter every single Wednesday. To go on weekly date nights with my husband. To have date days with my big kid who will soon be five and heading to college. To just breathe a little more than normal. To feel the magic of summer.

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